Pregnancy Tidbits: What I Learned & Lived (1st Trimester)

Now that I have a 3 month old, I want to document my pregnancy tips and tidbits that I learned and may be helpful to others.

First Trimester

Personal –  Our lives had been uprooted from our beloved Lowcountry (where we lived on the South Carolina coast) from a fabulous re-done 50’s cottage on the marsh to Florida for job reasons.  The economy forced us to move to a community closer to a large city where both my husband and I’s degrees would go further.  It was a difficult decision, but we know our hearts belong in South Carolina and we hope to be back there soon.  We were happily surprised with great news amongst moving boxes, new jobs, and a new home.  It was bittersweet, emotionally, because we are far away from our families, but sweet because we knew our little one would be loved by many family members.  Thus, enter the pregnancy hormones!

Morning Sickness – Many women have horrible morning sickness that requires drugs (Zofran – I’ve heard – works wonders), and others don’t encounter it at all.   My experience was enough to make me miserable, but not enough to require medication.  From about week 6-13, I was nauseous around the clock and only ate certain things.

What worked for me:

  • Bread/Carbohydrates/Baked Potatoes: Plain, toasted bagels, toast and crackers helped keep the stomach settled.  I lived off of bagels for awhile, along with plain mashed or baked potatoes.
  • Vitamin B: I read online that this helped and bought the over the counter vitamin – I think it helped but definitely didn’t prevent.
  • Ginger Ale/Sprite: At first, these helped my nausea, but then became too syrupy and sugary for my taste. So, I chugged cold water constantly and that was a great quencher.
  • Scrambled Eggs:  I couldn’t even look at protein (meat or fish) without gagging, but I knew I needed some sort of protein.  The texture of scrambled eggs was comforting and good enough for me to eat.
  • FRUIT:  Maybe because it was summer in Florida, but fruit was my savior. I craved it and ate a ridiculous amount of fruit (often with cottage cheese to make it more substantial)

Exhaustion – As many people will tell you, the first trimester is exhausting.   I would say especially with the first pregnancy because you and your body don’t know what to expect. All the advice I received was “take it easy” – and I did.  I believe it is a great time to sleep and let your body do what it needs to do.

Maternity Clothes – During the first trimester, I only bought a few maternity items.  Most of my clothes fit and because it was summer, I was able to use all of my comfortable summer dresses.  Plus, I think if I hadn’t been working every day, I probably wouldn’t have needed to buy anything.  Many people recommend the baby band, which holds up pants that don’t quite button.  It didn’t work for me and I’m glad I just tried the Target version for under $20.

Emotions – The first trimester is exciting AND scary. You’re unsure of what to expect and nervous about your body baking a sweet babe.  I suggest taking it easy and staying AWAY from Google.  I only “Googled” a few things during pregnancy and regret that I did because it only exacerbates pregnancy paranoia.  Also, take the time to enjoy the quiet before the baby arrives.  I wish that I had really taken more time to relax, since we have not much of it now!

Oh, and Goldfish! Goldfish were a lifesaver – I kept a baggie of them in my purse in case nausea hit!


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