What I Learned: Second & Third Trimesters

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Second Trimester

Personal: By the time my second trimester had rolled around, we were settled in our new home.  However! I switched jobs.  Went back to adjunct teaching – two different schools, two different cities, four days a week.  I *probably* over extended myself that fall semester.  But, we had some insurance costs and I wasn’t sure about my working future after the baby was born.   I’m no stranger to hard work, and if I hadn’t been pregnant would have loved the challenge of the work…but, man, was I tired.

There is a definite Energy Boost 2nd Trimester (and TAKE ADVANTAGE of it, friends, because you will need the rest later), but I used mine all up working.  Although, it was also a good time because we felt more financially stable and I felt a lot better physically, so we were able to get out and about.

 Morning Sickness:By 2nd trimester, this was all but gone.  I was still  a little leery about chicken and fish, but otherwise found my food stride.  Began to really crave fruit and yogurt.  As in, every day a huge bowl of it, plus two boiled eggs for breakfast (I must’ve thought myself a world class weight lifting athlete at that time )

Exhaustion: Like  I said, there is a noticeable change in energy during the second trimester.  Use it! Everyone told me too, and I’m glad I did.  We visited family, worked on our house, and I worked a lot (even though I still went to bed fairly early).

Maternity Clothes: Definitely needed them.  Tried to buy a mix of clothes that were useful for work and running around.  Demi-panel pants, some Target maternity tops, and a couple of wrap dresses just about did me through.  My basic oufit was pants (jeans), a long sleeved tee with extra long tank underneath, a open/swing cardigan (a pregant and post partum genius design – invest in those!), and a scarf or necklace to punch it up.

Where I Shopped:

Target: Really, for convenience sake, this was where many of my clothes came from.  I wasn’t a huge fan of our maternity section (too small) and wasn’t impressed with many things.  I mostly bought regular items in a size up (except for pants).

Old Navy: Great for maternity wear for selection and reviews.  If I couldn’t see it in person, at least I could read reviews.  Old Navy got me through with cheap staples.

Gap: More pricey than Old Navy, but I would recommend as worth it.  These black pants I wore at least twice a week (felt feminine and classy and so comfortable)  Gap tees (long sleeve) maternity – best maternity shirt I bought – so worth the extra dollars.


Emotions: My patience level during second trimester did wear down a bit with teaching a lot, especially towards the end.  Also, I began craving baked goods and was constantly fighting the battle of don’t gain weight, but taking way too long to get through the Publix bakery.  I think I threw myself into work because I was worried about everything to come (baby, getting ready for baby, money – all normal).  Of course, I wish now that I would’ve relaxed a bit more…but that is my nature!

Third Trimester

The theme of this trimester: uncomfortable! I carried my baby low, so I dealt with pelvic and back pressure.  I think it was hard to physically not be as active as I wanted to be.  I still worked out (a bit) and walked, but, by the end, it was slow going.

Morning Sickness: Quite common, I had a bit of nausea return the last few weeks – it is essentially because your stomach is smushed (medical term!) and I did sense a loss of appetite.

Exhaustion: A lot of rest required! More physical than anything.  Although sleeping did become more uncomfortable as the pregnancy neared its end.

Maternity Clothes: Yikes.  So not fun the last 6 weeks.  I didn’t want to buy anything because it felt pointless – I ended up wearing a pair of fold-over yoga pants most days – especially after I finished working.

Emotions: Wow- a roller coaster, definitely.  Thinking through everything about having a baby was scary and exciting.  I remember the night after our Lamaze instructor came to our house to finish our classes since I was being induced early.  While it was great to have all of the information and how everything would proceed at the hospital and during labor, my husband and I just laid in bed, wide-eyed, all night thinking of everything we knew we didn’t know.


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