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This may seem like an overstatement, but I believe Crossfit is revolutionizing how we think about working out (Check out my post on Paleo Diet).

My experience with Crossfit: Began back in December of 2009.  My husband initially found it and essentially he was my personal trainer for a few months (which was great!).  We lived in a town with  Marine base, and many of the Marines used Crossfit style workouts which my husband became interested in.

Long story short, we started following the website’s Workout of the Day.  I can confidently say that we were both in the BEST shape of our lives (although, our goals were to keep going as we each wanted to get closer to our weight loss goals).  We never joined a Crossfit gym; we just joined our local YMCA.  We bought a few pieces of workout equipment and use a lot of Youtube guidance for different workouts.

Background: I’ve always been an athlete (never the star one, but active nonetheless).  I am one of those people who does enjoy working out and sweating.  For me, it is a huge mental release.   However, I’ve always been frustrated with my body.  While I was strong, I was never in the shape I wanted to be.  After studying Crossfit, and by using it for 6 months, I know why.  Crossfit really does work the “muscle memory” and each workout is never the same.  Also, some days are more cardio based and some are more form based.

Here is what you need to know, in a nutshell:

Crossfit workouts are usually about 30 minutes long.

They are HARD! Like harder than you’ve ever worked before. (I did, officially, puke after a workout one day.  Weird thing was, I felt pretty proud of it).

You have to give it time, follow the WOD (Workout of the Day), and not add or alter it. Working on form (especially when doing Olympic lifting) is very important.

They consist of things like (on any weekly basis, usually): sprints, squats, pull ups, push ups, dead lifts, hang snatchs, chest presses, sit ups.

I’ve never been to a Crossfit gym, and I would probably join if we lived close to one.  They are new trend, and I hear that they are expensive.  I can bet they are really worth it, having a coach and working with a group everyday.  However, it is so possible to do it without joining the CF franchise gym.

It WORKS!  I can’t explain how I went from a gym/jogger/lift a  15 pound dumbell workout to a dead lifting “diva” (ha, cheesy, right ?! I had never felt so STRONG in my life.  It was awesome.

*           *           *         *            *

Then, we moved and I got pregnant. So, I will say for the past year (Up until the last few weeks  of this June), we did Crossfit sporadically.  New jobs, pregnancy, and new baby all came first.  I did follow Crossfit Mom during my pregnancy, although not as intensely as pre-pregnancy.

Falling off the Crossfit wagon was frustrating, especially since I had come so far.  (My husband, as male bodies often do, showed more dramatic difference than I with CF.  He was also able to run and workout for the past nine months, but he is still re-committed to 3 days ON, 1 day OFF with me.  I gained a whole new appreciation for my body after having our sweet baby boy.  But, momma is ready to get back on the wagon and get back in shape.  I’m sure my body will be different, since having a child, but I look forward to getting strong again).

*I will say this: CF is a lot easier with a workout buddy.  My husband pushed me to do workouts that I thought I could never do and would never have attempted on my own.  Using the big weights and bars can be intimidating and a little embarrassing when you aren’t used to it.  But, in the end, so worth it!*

2010, for me, was a year of discovering and understanding my health (not in the 7th grade health book way, like that sentence sounds!).  Finding Crossfit was a great workout discovery, then beginning a new eating style (Paleo) made me feel even better. Crossfit is a great thing and I suggest anyone who is looking for a different (better) way to workout and lose weight, to just try it out.   (Here’s to hoping this will help move the pregnancy weight that is still hanging out!)

Image via: http://www.crossfit.comb(CherylBoatmanValleyCFRegionals)


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