Workout Gear

And by workout gear, I do mean gear that is worn at home and immediately put on after work clothes are shed! I love great workout clothes that are quality: no pilling after use, can handle a long, sweaty workout, and can be worn to Target.

What kind of workout gear do you like? I love trying new brands and gear!

Most of my gear comes from Target, but it seems lately that I’ve tried to find more long lasting brands (including outdoor clothing).

So. I have had a taste of the Lululemon koolaid, and I’m am loving it!  Seriously, though.  Shelling out a lot for leggings made me skeptical. The wunder unders are very much worth it – they look great and must be made with magical thread.  I’d rather have a few pairs of these, then 10 pairs of cheap ones.

Lululemon Wunder Under Crop

    Because of the ease of Athleta’s website (I can add it onto an Old Navy order), I’ve tried a few of their things.  On the pricey side, but they work pretty well.  The Teelicious tank is and was great for covering a post partum tummy while working out.

Athleta Legging

Athleta Teelicious Tank

  My husband is into outdoor gear, so he’s convinced me try outdoors brands like Columbia and Patagonia.  Columbia’s fit never seemed to work that great for me, but I do really like Patagonia gear. Arc’teryx is an expensive brand, but their “tees” are fantastic.  The weight and fit of the fabric is so wonderful  – I wish I could wear them all the time!

Arc’teryx Top

My “go to” workout pieces from Target: Sports Bra and Bootcut Yoga pants.  Well priced and I don’t mind replacing them, as needed.  Good quality and fun colors.

Target: C9 Sports Bra

Target: C9 Bootcut pants


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