Heck Week

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you feel like everything is being tested and pushed to the limits? Like heck week for athletes, we had one of those weeks.  Our little man has been teething, and we discovered an ear infection last week, along with chest congestion.  I just kept looking at our pediatrician and waiting for him to be amazed by how many sicknesses were hitting our little guy.  First child rookie move – teething, congestion, whining is all normal.  NORMAL.

So, these packaged (yes, probably overpriced) wipes are on every coffee table:
Then, because of the anti-biotics E-man is taking, he got a staph infection from a reaction to them.  As if he didn’t have enough, now he has a rash/infection behind his ear – yes, the infected ear! (Teething = lots of drool = lots of congestion in the lungs = bad cough + ear infection = staph infection = more med = Poor baby!)

Luckily, we got the little guy medicated and thought we were in the clear.  NOTE: To any parents, don’t ever think you’re in the CLEAR about anything.  Once it’s smooth sailing, something will disrupt.

Mama possible ingests old guacamole and/or ground beef and gets food poisoning.  Suffice it to say, that is 24 hours I would never, ever wish on my worst enemy.  Not as bad as child labor, but, um, it is up there on horrible pain list.

Thankfully, we had a lot of this hanging out and I’ve been consuming a lot of it.  Also, thankfully, we have a dad/husband who can swing around CVS, ped office, and shuttle me to the doctor during the day.

House? Dirty.  Laundry? Being cleaned.  Being on the mend? Hoping so! Here’s looking towards a week of not being sick, not canceling classes, and a happier baby.

Life defined by children; it is always changing. Symbolic of this is my “Day in the Life” post I’ve been attempting to write since E was 4 months old.  Life is moving, rushing, changing, and pacing so fast.  I want to write it down and by the time I do, it has changed.  I’m an impatient person, by huge default.  I don’t like to be sick – I want to know when I’ll be better.  Can’t stand for my child to be sick – when will these antibiotics work?? I’ve probably put my face in the sand more than I should’ve the past few months of our baby’s life.  Sleepless nights, crying, an exhausted family of three, work/jobs, and time to workout (hahahah, joke  – never!)? It’s no wonder that my impatience lets me put blinders on to the “next week”, “next phase” that will surely be easier. Surely!

However, sick days at home are good reminder of the body saying, “Slow down.”  Snuggle on the couch.  Life probably won’t get easier, but it does get sweeter.  So, amidst this Heck Week in our house,  I’m looking around and thanking our blessings.


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