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Healthy Eating: Cooking Ahead Experiment – Primal Style

After reading many blogs with recipes for casseroles/meals for planning and freezing them ahead, I decided to try and plan meals that would be a little bit more primal (meat/vegetable) friendly.  This was just an attempt, and I’ll add my notes on which ones worked and not really worked!

Overall, we had about 8 “meals” ready to freeze.  Keep in mind, it is for 2 adults, and we will eat leftovers for lunch and dinner (so these meals will stretch, for us).  Also, we used some of the crockpot chicken right away (for salads and lunch).

Nom Nom Paleo Broccoli & Bacon

(This looks delicious – we’ll use it as a side and for lunches)

Twice Baked Cauliflower

(Yum! We’ve already eaten this for dinner and lunch.  Even our 11 mo. old gobbled it down.  A keeper of a recipe! Freezing note: Would def. be better fresh, not sure I would exactly recommend freezing it – ours got a bit watery)

“Green” Enchiladas

(Pictured below from Sweet Cheeks blog.  We used to cabbage to wrap it, and it was, well, too cabbagey.  The inner “enchiladas” was delicious and would def. make it again.  The “green” wraps? I’d probably brainstorm some other ways to wrap w/out corn tortillas)


Primal Palate’s Crockpot Chicken

(Pictured above.  SO Easy and SO delicious.  7 Hours in the crockpot.  No fuss.  We shredded it and had tons of yummy chicken.  Will be doing this on a bi-weekly basis, for sure. )

Primal Palate’s Egg Muffins

(On this list to make for rushed mornings.  Sometimes boiled eggs can get old!)

Shredded pork

(I roasted one massive 5lb pork loin and used half for pork chops (below).  The rest of it, I chopped, added BBQ sauce, and froze it.  We actually liked it warmed over salad w/avocado).

Pork Chops & Roasted Butternut squash

(Froze these together and will add cranberries and maybe gravy when serving them)

Pepperoni “Chicken”

(This was a complied recipe from others.  I layered turkey cutlets with tomato sauce, pepperonis and cheese.  Looks like it will be the most freezer friendly meal!)

There you have it! Thus far, it really helped our tired evening meals become healthier instead of reaching for delivery pizza or fast food.


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